Growing Through Discomfort

A mental health professional's guide to helping clients cope in hard times

How to survive and thrive in the midst of change

Growing Through Discomfort is a free five-part video series from Esther Perel for mental health professionals to help their clients address large and small scale challenges in their relationships and communities.

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What to expect

The guests featured here appear on Esther Perel's online training platform, Sessions. They share their wisdom and experience on grief, loss, stress, and health to help you and your clients navigate change and difficult conversations. While the conversations were originally in response to the rapidly shifting world due to COVID19, the lessons and takeaways continue to be relevant today.

Video 1: Why Is Change So Difficult? with Julia Samuel and Esther Perel

Explore two important questions; Why are we so resistant to change? What happens when we embrace the discomfort of it? 

Video 2: From Mantras To Cold Showers: Regulating Stress with Elissa Epel and Esther Perel

The more acute the stress, the more important it is to have a strategy to regulate these moments. Discover highly practical exercises to help calm yourself or your clients.


Video 3: Setting Boundaries As Self-Love with Dr. Madeleine Castellanoes and Esther Perel

Understand the importance of setting limits and how to have a productive conversation with someone you love who disagrees with you.

Video 4: How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Family Care Planning with Sierra Campbell and Esther Perel

One of the hardest conversations we may have is talking about death with loved ones. Learn how to help your clients engage in the critical conversations around end of life.

Bonus Exercise: Let’s Take A Walk: Benefits Of Conversations In Motion with Julia Samuel and Esther Perel

simple but impactful way to have difficult conversations while shaking up the staleness of sitting face to face or behind a screen. 


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