Announcing Sessions Live 2022 | Inside the Office of Esther Perel

November 5, 2022 from 12-5 pm EST
(or anytime you want given the free archive)



Sessions Live is an online multidisciplinary training event for therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals to come together to learn, connect, and breathe new life into our practices.

This year, Esther invites you to step outside the siloed nature of the field and into her office for an intimate look at her process and practice as she demonstrates two couples therapy sessions.




On November 5th at 12pm EST, Esther will be joined by seasoned colleagues for live supervision to lend their unique expertise and critique to cast a new lens on her work — What alternate approaches would they have used? How could other modalities take the couple in a whole new direction? What could have been improved?

Whether you’re just starting your practice, a student in progress, or a seasoned professional, come as a curious learner and leave energized and emboldened with new perspectives and interventions when you return to your office.

Ticket Sales are Now Closed!

Your Registration Includes:

Prerecorded Couples Therapy Sessions

Esther will record two live therapy sessions. These videos will be released prior to the event, and included in your archive.

4 Hours of Live Training

Where we will watch Esther and her Guest Supervisors discuss, analyze, and critique moments from each session.

Community + Networking

In addition to the normal chat and Q+A, we have added robust networking and communications features for those who are interested.

An Archive of the Event

Once the event is over, you will have access to all of the recordings and resources. 

Ticket Sales Are Now Closed!

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