Rafaella Fiallo - Healing Trauma & Finding Eros in your Everyday Life

Rafaella Fiallo, MSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Sexuality Educator in St. Louis, MO who joined us with Afrosexology co-founder, Dalychia Saah, at Sessions Live 2019 to talk about "Less Oppression, More Orgasms," which was about eroticism being a tool for healing. This article originally appeared at www.healingxchg.com.

To find out more about Rafaella and Dalychia's work and upcoming projects and events, visit www.afrosexology.com.

Your erotic self is yearning to be explored and all you need is this simple formula.

Working in the sexuality and mental health field, and even more specifically, with survivors of sexual trauma, I noticed how similar the work between healing trauma and encouraging sexual exploration were. Intentionally centering pleasure and creating pleasurable experiences is a radical step in healing trauma as people often report feeling completely disconnected from themselves and their desires after a traumatic event. It is...
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